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2019 CTUG Fall Conference

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Sessions 1:00 – 1:45

Manitoba Room


Modernization and Enterprise Integration of Your HPE NonStop Ecosystem

Vendor: XYPRO

HPE NonStop Servers and Applications can be a challenge to integrate with enterprise processes. Without enterprise integration, User, Identity and Access Management rely on manual processes. This disparate functionality is time consuming, error prone and vulnerable to security risk. That all changes now!

In this session, learn how the XYGATE suite of security, compliance and risk management solutions modernizes NonStop applications and integrates your HPE NonStop servers with the latest enterprise solutions like Sailpoint IdentityIQ, CyberArk, ServiceNow and others. This XYGATE integration provides visibility and governance of your NonStop processes – saving time and money while greatly reducing risk. It has never been so easy to be a seamless part of the enterprise!

Speaker:Dale Van Stratten, Account Executive XYPRO

Dale Van Stratten has been contributing to the success of companies in the technology and banking sector for more than 35 years. His body of work includes management positions at First Data Corporation, Omaha Merchant Processing, ACI Worldwide, ElectraCard Services, BPC Group and now XYPRO Technology. While serving these companies in leadership positions, Dale helped grow their revenues in new, emerging and established markets while managing third party, national and international sales organizations. His experience has helped him develop a thorough understanding of what customers need from service providers. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and served as an Officer in the US Army. Dale joined the CTUG board of directors in 2017.

Nova Scotia Room


HPE Shadowbase Mission — Critical Use Case Solutions and Product News

Vendor: Gravic Inc.

Learn how HPE Shadowbase solves various enterprise use case problems:

  • Business Continuity – active/passive, sizzling-hot-takeover, active/active replication architectures
  • Data Integration and Synchronization – big data/OLAP, feed data warehouses
  • Application Integration – real-time fraud detection, build real-time business intelligence systems
  • Zero Downtime Migration – eliminate planned application downtime, minimize the risks associated with hardware and software changes
  • HPE directly sells and supports HPE Shadowbase Solutions
    (www.ShadowbaseSoftware.com); please contact your local HPE account team

Speakers:Paul J. Holenstein, Paden R. Holenstein

Mr. Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President, Gravic, Inc.

Paul J. Holenstein is Executive Vice President, Gravic, Inc. He is directly responsible for the Shadowbase Products Group and is a Senior Fellow at Gravic Labs, the company’s intellectual property group. He previously held various positions in technology consulting companies, from software engineer through technical management to business development, beginning his career as a Tandem (HPE NonStop) developer in 1980. His technical areas of expertise include high availability designs and architectures, data replication technologies, heterogeneous application and data integration, and communications and performance analysis. Mr. Holenstein holds many patents in the field of data replication and synchronization, writes extensively on high and continuous availability topics, and co-authored Breaking the Availability Barrier, a three-volume book series. He received a BSCE from Bucknell University, MSCS from Villanova University, and is an HPE Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE). To contact, please email: SBProductManagement@gravic.com.

Mr. Paden R. Holenstein, Marketing Associate, Gravic, Inc.

Paden Holenstein works in marketing communications, business development, and branding for the HPE Shadowbase Products Group. He is a "NonStop Under 40” member, who presents at regional TUG/RUG meetings and partner technical conferences. He is a recent West Chester University graduate with a BSCE in Marketing and has worked at Gravic for two years.

Pacific Room


Future-Proofing NonStop – Staying ahead of the curve in the 21st Century

Vendor: TIC Inc.

The business and technology landscapes continue to change faster and faster. Failure to explore and adopt new solutions could lead a platform down a path of obsolescence.

What are you doing TODAY to ensure that your important NonStop investment will continue to be relevant in the FUTURE?

In this presentation, TIC Software will cover some of the important areas that you should pursue NOW to extend and support Nonstop for a relevant future.

They include: Interconnect using RESTful API, Integration with Cloud Computing, and Continuous Operation Support.

Speaker:Phil Ly, President of TIC Software.

Phil Ly is the president and founder of TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies, including Web, .NET, Java and Cloud Services. Phil has personally worked on many modernization projects with NonStop customers, as well as architected many of TIC’s software products. Prior to founding TIC Software in 1983, Phil worked for Tandem Computers in technical support and software development.


Sessions 1:50 – 2:35

Manitoba Room


Multi-Factor Authentication: Make it Easy, Do it Right!

Vendor: CSP

Compliance made easy, this has been CSP's mandate when developing our latest solutions. For the past 3 decades, CSP has been an innovator in the field of NonStop security. However, the challenges now facing the NonStop platform in this area have become increasingly complex. CSP has developed a series of easy-to-use solutions that will keep your system secure, ensure you remain compliant, and best of all, provide the flexibility that a changing NonStop landscape demands. CSP's Marketing Manager, Henry Fonseca, will provide a demo of our latest solution for multi-factor authentication, CSP Authenticator+.

Speaker:Henry Fonseca

Henry Fonseca is a business professional with a background in branding, market development, customer relations, and financial management. Over the past four years, Henry has managed a successful repositioning & rebranding of CSP's corporate profile. As CSP's Marketing and Relationship Manager, Henry continues to develop an integrated marketing and business strategy to achieve CSP’s goals.

Nova Scotia Room


Latest Developments in DevOps for GUARDIAN

Vendor: Nexbridge

The session will discuss latest developments in technology for DevOps in GUARDIAN. This will include new NSGit release deployment technologies, including Nexus and Artifactory integration for automated deployment. New QA techniques are also explored, including managing VersaTest and Sim++ test suites while integrating GUARDIAN-based applications. NSGit roadmap items will also be revealed as part of the presentation. Finally, we explore some new integration techniques allowing NonStop applications to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence code analysis currently in use by the NSGit development team.

Speaker:Randall Becker, Nexbridge Inc.

Randall is President and CEO of Nexbridge Inc. He is a perennial speaker at RUG and TBC events and contributing writer to Insider and Connection Magazines. Randall has been involved in DevOps since it became a "thing”, and has been in the SCM community since the late 1980s. He is also the platform maintainer for the git port for NonStop as part of ITUGLIB, where he has served as a team member and process designer for over a decade.

Pacific Room


Raising the Bar with NonStop

Vendor: CAIL

This highlights the need to move from the historic reference of "Mission Critical" to "On-line, Real-Time, All-the-Time" systems - to better recognize the importance of digital services and NonStop to improving outcomes in today’s demanding business environment. Extending on this, to increase NonStop relevance and appeal in the 21st century, metrics and insights are provided to position NonStop as the platform of choice for applications essential to business success as well as technical and business considerations to enable the organization realize more benefits from information services and NonStop.

Speaker:Ronald Thompson - CEO of CAIL

Ron Thompson is CEO of CAIL, a HPE and Micro Focus Partner with many Customers utilizing CAIL software to improve connectivity, security and modernize information services - at the desktop and in mobile. This applies to NonStop systems or in conjunction with all platforms for enterprise and standardization initiatives - to increase NonStop relevance, appeal and value. Ron has an extensive background in technology and business as well as numerous experiences from CAIL venture investing and enterprise innovation services.


Sessions 2:50 – 3:35

Manitoba Room


The Evolving Payments Industry

Vendor: OmniPayments

The payments industry has been changing each year by adapting to customers’ needs and to new technologies. OmniPayments will discuss new payments services and how its solutions are created not only to satisfy customer needs but also to create more efficient, flexible, adaptable, scalable and highly available processes.

Speaker:Luisa Fernanda Forero – Support Manager, OmniPayments

Luisa is an industrial engineer and IT services project management specialist with a background in the financial sector and a customer-oriented approach. As a Support Manager, Luisa is always looking for ways to make her clients feel happy and make their businesses evolve in the competitive payments ecosystem.

Nova Scotia Room


Data Security and Modernization go Hand In Hand

Vendor: comForte

Sharing data across all platforms in the organization is imperative in today’s IT environment. This can only be accomplished when sensitive data is secured on all platforms, in all applications, in transit and even in the cloud. We will present solutions to enterprise security, secure data access on the NonStop, and securing data in a cloud environment.

Speaker:Brad Poole

Brad Poole is a Senior Solutions Architect at comforte Inc., specializing in HP NonStop Security and Web services. Brad was previously Director at Insession/ACI for twelve years working with Web services and was a Software Development Manager at Tandem for eight years.

Pacific Room


Integrated manageability with open architecture

Vendor: Idelji

This presentation will include our solutions for Integrated and Automated Operation Management.

Web ViewPoint Enterprise and Remote Analyst together offer automated operation and performance management of all mission-critical infrastructure components. With intuitive analysis features, real-time monitoring, machine learning, forecasting, proactive alerting, customization, extendable architecture & more; our solutions (Web ViewPoint Enterprise & Remote Analyst) provide a flexible platform that can scale from focused entities to enterprise-wide analytics.

Speaker:Vishal Kudchadkar - Lead Architect, Idelji Corporation

A decade and a half young veteran, Vishal started his NonStop journey with Idelji straight after college. As Idelji's Lead Architect, he orchestrates customer value creation across Idelji's Performance and Operation Management products. His current focus is Autonomous Manageability.


Sessions 3:40 – 4:25

Manitoba Room

HPE NonStop and the Modern User Experience

Vendor: Rocket Software

HPE NonStop has powered your organization for years, and there’s no reason it can’t deliver the intuitive web and mobile user experiences you need to deliver today. The key is giving your NonStop application users an experience that meets the expectations common today, with web and mobile interfaces, and application workflows that match the way they are working now.

This session will review the challenges of green-screen application interfaces, discuss application modernization options for HPE NonStop, and cover their pros and cons

  • Creating HTML5 front-ends
  • Creating and using APIs to support new mobile and web application development
  • Orchestrating services from multiple sources to enhance workflows, integrate applications and meet complex needs
  • Managing APIs for optimal use and potential profit

Speaker:Jeff Oldham


Nova Scotia Room


Payment Modernization in Canada

Vendor: ACI Worldwide

Canada, like many countries around the globe, is moving to implement the capability for Immediate Payments (also known as Faster Payments or Real Time Payments). However, Canada’s ambition is much broader than just RTP. Payments Canada (the body that controls Canada’s central payment networks) has launched a complete Payments Modernization initiative, renovating and transforming every component of Canada’s payment systems. In this session, ACI will review the Payment Modernization initiative from Payments Canada, touching on all of the existing major payment rails and the new RTP scheme. The session will then link back to current NSK applications like BASE24 and BASE24-eps (and others) and discuss how these applications can remain relevant in the new post-Modernization world.

Speaker:David Grindal, Director, Solution Consulting, ACI Worldwide Canada

David Grindal is a Director of Solution Consulting for ACI Worldwide, based in the Toronto office. David has worked in payments for most of the thirty-four years of his career, and has been with ACI for twenty-two years. His experience includes both retail and wholesale payments and fraud detection. Most recently, David has been engaged with payment hubs and Immediate Payments. David was a Director of ACT Canada for four years. He was also a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Faster Payment Task Force. David holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, as well as an MBA from York University.

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