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2018 CTUG Fall Conference

Sessions & Speakers

Day 1 – CTUG Conference Presentations

Welcome Address

Dave Harper, CTUG President

Opening Remarks
Ken Goldman - HPE

HPE NonStop WW Strategy Update

Justin Simmons, HPE NonStop

KEYNOTE SESSION Mission Critical Blockchain for the Enterprise

Jeff Skinner & Tom Golway - HPE

Guest Session COBOL to Cucumber – a TELUS Health Modernization Journey
  1. In the beginning there were SOAP3 web services.
    1. Web services ... what are tey and what are their benefits.
    2. What were the advantages of starting with SOAP3.
    3. The benefits we could apply going forward.
  2. Java and open source web services
    1. What are we developing and how we are developing Java applications
    2. NonStop Integrate pain points (GGS / JToolkit)
    3. The benefits of development in Java
    4. The necessary framework, tools and the associated challenges
    5. A REST story.
  3. The good news story (mostly) of moving to Java development
    1. Resource staffing (local, near-shore and off-shore)
    2. Design patterns
    3. Access to information
    4. The potential opportunities
    5. Training challenges
  4. Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment with Jenkins
    1. Approaches to CI/CD in the NonStop ecosystem
    2. Automated build
    3. Ideas around automated testing
    4. SOAPUI and project integration
  5. Cucumber and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

Dave Wiseman - Telus

Day 2 – CTUG Education Session

Morning - Database Modernization

This discussion will include an update on changes and enhancements to SQL/MX. An overview and discussion on NonStop use of Redis which will cover its use on NonStop for IoT demos and the deep port of Redis being done by development which allows in-memory computing to be performed on NonStop. Additionally, Hibernate enhancements and Liquibase usage on NonStop will be discussed.

Instructor Paul Denzinger, Distinguished Technologist, HPE

Paul Denzinger began his career with Tandem in 1985 and worked in various capacities throughout his tenure at Tandem Computers through Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). As a Distinguished Technologist, Paul provided architectural and technical consulting support to customers worldwide for applications as diverse as high-performance trading systems to very large database systems. In addition to his focus on relational DB technology, he worked with several big data products, including Vertical, Hadoop, and HBase. Most recently, Paul has been actively engaged with the HPE Mission Critical Blockchain initiative. He is currently a member of the HPE NonStop Enterprise Solutions and Architecture Team, focusing on innovative NonStop and database solutions.

Afternoon - Application Modernization

Microservices, DevOps (Ansible & Jenkins) and support for Python will all be overviewed and discussed showing NonStop as a modern platform supporting current and emerging standards.

Instructor Keith Moore, Master Technologist – Americas, HPE

Keith is a Master Technologist for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Americans NonStop Enterprise Solutions Architects Group, a veteran member Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and is ISC2 CISSP Security certified. Keith’s focus is on real-time, “always-on” architectures, security and software design for enterprise usage. Most recently, Keith has been involved with application modernization efforts, enterprise cloud deployments, and real-time event-driven designs. He is currently involved with HPE Labs and product development in integration techniques for cloud-enablement technologies and distributed ledger solutions. He is an annual featured speaker at HPE NonStop Technology Bootcamp and local User Group meetings.

Keith spends some of his spare time working as a volunteer with universities and other groups sharing computer design and art media computer history with University of Colorado Media Archeology Lab.

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