CTUG Special Technical Session Board Meeting

February 4th, 2005 - Meeting Minutes


Randall Becker
Dick Bird
Pio Gomes
Marlon Henry
Marc Lafontaine
John Lee
Philippe Olivieri


Marc Lafontaine

Meeting Duration:

12:30PM - 3:00PM

Meeting Location:

Irish Overdraft Pub


  1. Discuss items in Conference Planning spreadsheet.
  2. Discuss Charitable Donation.

Items coming out of agenda:

  1. Dick will request Paul Tsaparis? (President and CEO, HP Canada) presence for the welcome address.
  2. Randy has graciously agreed to be the keynote speaker for the conference.
  3. Richard Buckle or a representative from ITUG will present an ITUG update.
  4. Ron Lepadis will do a presentation on NSAA (NonStop Advanced Architecture).
  5. Philippe will be contacting MTCC to obtain the name of our coordinator.
  6. Philippe, Pio and Marlon will meet with coordinator to inform them of our room setup and catering requirements.
  7. Pio will obtain list of discounted accessories (i.e. pens, pads, shirts and bags).
  8. Pio to provide Randy with possible sponsorship vendors.
  9. Randy will be diligently working on our website on the weekend.
  10. In order for us to make a charitable donation, the membership must agree on it. It was also mentioned that the response the crises was so overwhelming that some organizations are no longer accepting donations.
  11. John, Pio and Dick will investigate the acquisition of projectors.
  12. Suri Harish will be asked to be the NonStop Update speaker.


Meeting adjourned at 14:45. Moved by Randy, seconded by Dick.

Next meeting: to be announced.

Minutes Taken by: Marlon Henry