CTUG Special Technical Session Board Meeting

November 2nd, 2004 - Meeting Minutes


Javid Quadri
Dick Bird
Marlon Henry
Randall Becker
Philippe Olivieri
John Lee


Marc Lafontaine
Pio Gomes

Meeting Duration:

12:30PM - 13:30PM

Meeting Location:

Conference Call


  1. Speakers – The speakers will be Bill Woo, Dick Bird and Randall Becker
  2. Board Involvement – Javid may not be able to stay.  John will not be in Toronto and as a result will leave credit card imprint machine and blank receipts.  Additionally, John will pre-print invoices for those who pay cash.
  3. CTUG Prizes – Four $50 gift certificates will be acquired as prizes.  Javid will drop-off a few CTUG shirts as prizes.
  4. Questionnaire – Marlon will be responsible for questionnaire (originals still in his possession, if soft copy cannot be located).  A question regarding certification will be included in questionnaire.
  5. Labels – Marlon to contact Pio and arrange for printing and purchase of label holders.
  6. Venue and catering – Venue has been acquired – Second City (same room as last year).

Other Items:

  1. John provided an overview of the status of our accounts and issues surrounding the balancing of it.
  2. John acquired a printer for CTUG business use.
  3. Spring Conference – Date in April (excluding the last week) to be booked with the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  Pio and Marlon to establish contact with centre ASAP.
  4. HP Education Day to be registered as soon as dates are established with Convention Center.
  5. Email sent to Joe of HP Certification.  Joe responded indicating that there are four “tracks”.
  6. Marlon to contact Mark in Montreal regarding assistance with Montreal Technical session.
  7. Honoraria to be decide upon.  Since there are no new members, Dick has volunteered to take on the responsibility of deciding upon what the honoraria should be.

Next Meeting:

If possible, Tuesday 9th November 2004 12:30pm – Dick Conference line.

Minutes Taken by: Marlon Henry