CTUG Regular Executive Board Meeting

April 30, 2004 - Meeting Minutes


Javid Quadri
Dick Bird
Marlon Henry
Randall Becker
Pio Gomes
Philippe Olivieri
John Lee
Alvin Wong


Marc Lafontaine

Meeting Duration:

12:30PM - 2:30PM

Meeting Location:

Canyon Creek
156 Front St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
Tel. (416) 596-2240

Old Business:

  1. Previous meeting minutes approval
  2. Montreal Technical Session - ITUG Review Update
  3. Spring Conference Report (Reported by Javid):

New Business:

  1. Web Site Update - Randall
  2. Financial Report - Alvin
  3. June Technical Session
  4. Javid reported that his term as President was ending. He thanked for the board for the great contributions that were made over the past year. It was a very successful year, with a long list of accomplishments and successes. Javid was pleased to announce the new board assignments for the upcoming year:
  5. Adjournment

Minutes Taken by: Javid Quadri