CTUG Regular Executive Board Meeting

December 5, 2003 - Minutes


Javid Quadri
Randall Becker
Dick Bird
Marc Lafontaine
Alvin Wong
John Lee


Marlon Henry
Pio Gomes
Philippe Olivieri

Meeting Duration:

12:10PM – 12:58PM

Meeting Location:

Conference Call

Old Business:

  1. Previous meeting approval
  2. Technical Session - Toronto
    1. Numbers and Survey Results
      • 46 people attended
      • Positive feedback from attendees
      • Lunch break was too long
    2. Venue
      • Food was good
      • Shipping at Metro Hall was a challenge
      • Presentations
      • In general, presentations were well received.
      • SafeTGate presentation was perceived as being too much of a sales pitch, and not a general presentation.
      • ACTION ITEM: Javid to provide feedback to presenters
  3. Technical Session – Montreal
    1. Registration Process, Numbers and Survey Results
      • 25 people attended
      • Angelo D’Amore from HP preprinted receipts for attendees
      • 100% Surveys were returned due to Marc’s insistence that they be completed prior to lunch
      • Agenda was modified to shorten lunch break
      • Atalla presentation was switched with HP presentation
    2. Venue
      • Well organized venue
    3. Presentations
      • Well received
      • Future sessions should focus dialogue with the end user
    4. Future Sessions
      • Planned session in January for ITUG review
  4. Spring Conference Planning
    1. Site Visit: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
      • Marlon, Javid, Philippe and Dick visited the potential venue for the Spring Conference.
      • The site has a lot of room, more than enough to fill our needs and the needs of our exhibitors.
      • The location is excellent, is well known and very accessible.
      • Only caveat is that the MTCC is more expensive than St. Andrew’s.
      • Consensus of the board was to move forward with the MTCC as the venue of choice for the 2004 Spring Conference
    2. Theme
      • Proposed theme is ‘NonStop in a Diverse World: Integration in Business and Technology’
    3. Communications
      • ACTION ITEM: Javid to provide Dick with vendor list for review and additions
      • ACTION ITEM: Javid/Dick to inform HP Education of the topic for selection of education day course
  5. Christmas Lunch

New Business

  1. Next Meeting
  2. Meeting Adjourned