CTUG Regular Executive Board Meeting

November 14, 2003 - Minutes


Javid Quadri
Randall Becker
Dick Bird
Philippe Olivieri
Marc Lafontaine
Alvin Wong
John Lee
Pio Gomes
Denis Cormier


Marlon Henry

Meeting Duration:

11:40PM – 12:15PM

Meeting Location:

Conference Call

Old Business:

  1. Previous meeting approval
  2. Webmaster
  3. November Technical Session
    1. Current Numbers
      • As a result of the website problems, no registrations had been accepted. It was required to have people reregister for the session once the website registration process was in place.
      • Emails have been sent out. Additional emails will be sent out once the registration process is finalized.
    2. Telephone Calling to Promote Session
      • Javid asked for volunteers to participate in calling members directly in the event that the registration process went slowly. Philippe volunteered to participate. John indicated that he could contact members at the TSX, and could possibly do some calling. Marc and Denis indicated that they would contact key members in organisations in Montreal to spread the word about the session.
    3. Session Details – Toronto (Who is attending, Who does what, etc.)
      • Javid and Alvin indicated that they would be at the venue at 7:30am. The registration process would commence at 8:00am.
    4. Session Details – Montreal (Who is attending, Who does what, etc.)
      • Angelo D’Amore of HP and Marc would be hosting the session. (It was doubtful as to whether Denis could make it.)
      • It was agreed that a receipt book would be purchased and that written receipts would be issued. If there was an objection, then an official CTUG invoice would be issued after the fact.
      • The Montreal session was to be cash only.
      • The venue and the food were arranged. Angelo would forward the cost of the event to the board so that payment could be delivered on the day of the session.
  4. Location for next Spring Conference

New Business

  1. Next Meeting
  2. Meeting Adjourned