CTUG Regular Executive Board Meeting

October 2, 2003 - Minutes


Javid Quadri
Dick Bird
Pio Gomes
Philippe Olivieri
Marc Lafontaine
Denis Cormier
John Lee


Marlon Henry
Randall Becker
Alvin Wong

Meeting Duration:

11:45AM – 1:10PM

Meeting Location:

Conference Call

Old Business:

  1. Previous meeting approval
  2. Nomination of New Board Members and Volunteers.
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  4. Financials
  5. General Liability Insurance for board members
  6. List Server Decision
  7. Honoraria
  8. Access to Metro Hall Facilities
  9. November Technical Session
    1. Topic
      • ACTION ITEM: Dick, Randall and Philippe to form a subcommittee to arrive at a topic and provide speakers that can make presentations in Toronto and Montreal
      • Dick introduced the topic of Security for the technical session. After discussion, this was accepted as a viable and relevant topic.
      • As CTUG representatives at ITUG, Dick and Randy were to approach potential speakers to determine their availability.
      • In addition, Dick was to approach HP speakers and other contacts for potential speakers.
      • Denis agreed to approach Loto-Québec and the Montreal Stock Exchange to see if there was anyone willing to speak to the community.
      • Javid said that, if necessary, ITUG could be contacted for speaker availability.
      • Javid and Denis joined the subcommittee
      • ACTION ITEM: Subcommittee to provide speakers for the session.
    2. Date and Location
      • Toronto, Metro Hall, November 25th\
      • Montreal, Institut international des télécommunications, November 26th.
  10. Location for next Spring Conference
  11. Ratification of ITUG Regional Agreement
  12. Webmaster
  13. CTUG Representation at ITUG

New Business

  1. CTUG in Montreal
  2. Next Meeting
  3. Meeting Adjourned